Elder Care

About Elderly Care Physiotherapy

Elderly care physiotherapy specializes in helping older people have as much bodily movement and function as possible. Older people have special needs and often have more than one medical condition at any one time

Our physiotherapists can assess, treat and advise on a large number of medical conditions, including:

  • Dementia and frailty: exercise classes can promote mental activity, joint mobility, muscle strength and balance
  • Falls: to help them improve their muscle strength and balance. Research has shown that undergoing physiotherapy after a fall can drop the risk of a fall happening again by 55%.
  • Fractures: to guide rehabilitation to improve on the mobility and also to strengthen the muscles then   after breaking a bone
  • Musculoskeletal complaints: can treat lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain and other joints, sprains and strains of tendons, ligaments and muscles
  • Osteoporosis: if you are suffering from weakened bones, exercises done to encourage weight-bearing and aerobic activities can promote improvements in bone density.
  • Osteoarthritis and other arthritic conditions: give advice on how to maintain joint movement and strengthen the muscles, help with pain management
  • Parkinson’s disease: exercises to improve arm function, posture, walking, coordination and balance. This can make your movements easier, safer and more controlled.