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Home Physio only employs exceptional and talented physiotherapists that have qualifications and proven experience in their field of specialism
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Home Physio is at the cutting edge of Malaysia’s in-home rehabilitation revolution. We provide high-quality patient care in the comfort and convenience of your home. We understand it can be challenging to attend traditional clinics when you’re in pain, have transport difficulties or care for young children

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Welcome to Home Physio

A reliable and experienced in-home health service you can trust

Home Physio is an in-home physiotherapy service. We provide home visit consultations and rehabilitation, not clinic appointments.

Do you need a physiotherapy home visit? You can book an appointment online by sending us a whatsapp message or by sending us an email and we will come to you. We cover a wide area in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Home Physio began as some of us have embarked on a new journey called motherhood and felt this would be be the best way for us to have a balanced family and work life. We also recognized the growing need for home visits and decided to focus entirely on mobile physiotherapy.



Home Physio is comprised of a group of physiotherapists who are passionate about providing individually tailored rehabilitation programs at your home to help you achieve maximum possible physical and psychologic fitness and regain the ability to be independent. For more information regarding the specific therapies available at Home Physio, please select one option below:

We provide physiotherapy services within a persons home or workplace. This includes houses, apartments, hotels, retirement villages and aged care facilities. Basically we can operate from whatever location you require. We prefer quiet locations with suitable privacy.

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Why choose Home Physio
We believe movement matters. We’ve made it our mission to support all kinds of movement: for every body, at every stage. Movement matters when it comes to enjoying life, regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete or hoping to alleviate every day pain. We want to guide your performance, or recovery, so you can achieve your movement goals—’personal best’ is just that, personalised to suit your fitness level and lifestyle. Whether it’s improving, maintaining or optimising your movement, we’re here to help.


The physical therapists at Home Physio have helped a lot of people. Below is a collection of testimonials from a handful of our past clients.

Shout-out to Tharshini for an amazing success with my grandpa. Honestly one of the best rehabilitation I've witnessed in a stroke patient. Grandpa got a haemorrhagic stroke in late Feb with marked left sided weakness and cerebellar ataxia (loss of coordination and balance). He was wheelchair bound and fully ADL Dependent. A few months working with Tharshini he is now able to walk with a walking frame unaided, even walk up stairs with help and able to do more daily activities at home such as eating and drinking by himself. Darshini has been so patient with him and constantly inspiring my grandpa to not give up and it has made all the difference. I definitely would recommend her to anyone who needs physiotherapy. There is a lack of awareness on the importance of physiotherapy in rehabilitation among our community and Tharshini can definitely change that.
Mayure Selvathevan
I found tharshini in one of the women’s empowerment platform and I’m so glad I did. My elderly aunt badly needed physio therapy for her weak limbs. Along with her number, I also gave my aunt other numbers. I wanted her to call each therapist as she had to be comfortable with the service provider. Needless to say, she was super comfortable with Tharshini and what a blessing she has been to my aunt. Tharshini is a blend of fun and no nonsense. When it’s time to manage the patient with professionalism, she does and when it’s time to have some fun, she a ball of fun. She goes out of the way to find better ways to help my aunt with her pain. Her compassion and dedication is so refreshing. No regrets and we are so blessed to have her. If my mom was living in PJ, I’d have no one else but Tharshini to help her. This one is a keeper.
Bavani Dayananthan
I was diagnosed with slipped disc 2 months ago and was admitted for a week. I was given physio exercises to do on my own at home after discharge. Since I got back to work, I felt discomfort every time I exercised and had prolonged discomfort at work too. I contacted Tharshini for some advice and tips to ease the pain and help me with exercise variants. She is very friendly and listens to your problems and understands your wants and needs well. She helped me tweak my exercises according to my pain areas. I have now tried her suggestions for a week and I feel comfortable and no discomfort. I would happily recommend Tharshini. Her knowledge and her understanding of the human body is second to none. Plus she is warm and friendly.
Thinesh Kumar
Hi Tharshini, Please see below our testimonial of your physio services.    Following a serious traffic accident which included multiple fractures, muscle damage specifically the thigh bone. This required hospitalization and surgery following my mobility was reduced to zero. I was advised by the orthopaedic surgeon the requirement for extensive physio to support the rehabilitation process and restore mobility. We conducted an extensive search for the engagement of a  Professional Physio to support us in completing the rehabilitation process to restore full mobility. This selection criteria included : Experience, Communication, Competence, Medical References.  On completion of the search process, we selected  Tharshini to become our Physio.   During our relationship with Tharshini, we observed and were very grateful for the following strengths which Tharshini applied to her work :  Detail Orientation / Competence – Tharshini requested and reviewed all medical reports prior to commencement, she also exhibited a detail understanding of the physiology in accessing my condition on a regular basis and defining solutions and setting milestones on the recovery roadmap.  Communication – Tharshini communication skills are very strong – prior to implementing each process / exercise, she explains in detail the reason, objective, benefits of our routine prior to commencement. She responds positively to multiple and frequent questions. She was also comfortable using video reviews / online tools to monitor progress and provide feedback / assessments.  Experience – Tharshini demonstrated extensive experience in the rehab / physio processes through effective trouble shooting of patient feedback and immediate updates / validation of progress based on her experience.  Results Orientated – Tharshini is a results driven professional and ensure clear milestones, progress updates were defined on a stage / stage basis – she exhibited a total commitment to ensuring all targets / goals for the physio were achieved.  Based on the above profile and our interpersonal relationship with Tharshini which is excellent, we have no hesitation in recommending her.   Thanks
Jack & Joanne / Ara Hill Condominium
The undersigned had hired Miss Tharshini from Home Physio as physiotherapist after undergoing partial knee replacement surgery. Tharshini proved to be a very capable physiotherapist. She was very patient and understanding with me and was willing to listen to the issues I had faced during my recovery, and had taught me various exercises for me to do each step of the way. Today I have made a great deal of progress and am able to walk without any aid. She was always a phone call away and I take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to her. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who may require it. Thank you.
Ms G Vasuhi Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Tharshini treated me after I returned home from being admitted in the hospital for 3 weeks. I had cellulitis and was not able to walk as both my feet were swollen and was afraid I might fall. I also have arthritis on both my knees and my knees became wobbly. With Tharshini's guidance and exercise routines, I have gotten stronger and am more confident to walk on my own. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who requires physio treatment.
Panchatcharam / 79 years old